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William Butler Yeats Essay -- essays research papers

William Butler Yeats. William Butler Yeats was the significant figure in the social unrest which created from the solid nationalistic development toward the finish of the nineteenth century. He ruled the works of an age. He built up structures and topics which came to be considered as the standards for journalists of his age. Yeats was a confession booth writer - in other words, that he composed his verse straightforwardly from his own encounters. He was a visionary, with a reason. This was to make Art for his own kin - the Irish. Be that as it may, in this manner, he encountered extensive disappointment and dissatisfaction. The strain between this perfect, and the fact of the matter is the premise of quite a bit of his composition. One focal topic of his prior verse is the difference between the points he, and others, for example, Lady Gregory, had for their development, and the truth. He had wanted to give an option in contrast to patriotism fuelled essentially by contempt for Britain, through the resurrection and recovery of an antiquated Irish culture, in light of fantasy and legend. Rather, he found that the reaction of the recently rising Irish Catholic white collar class to their work, shifted among detachment and shock. From one perspective, their lack of interest was shown by their refusal to fin ance an exhibition for the Hugh Lane assortment of Art, and then again, they revolted in shock at Synge's Playboy of the Western World. The strain between Yeats' optimal, and the fact of the matter is created in the Fisherman and September 1913. Both these sonnets manage Yeats endeavors to carry Art to the individuals of Ireland, and the negative reaction of Irish society. September 1913. Here, Yeats coordinates his energetic fierceness against the Irish Catholic white collar class. He sees them as Philistines, whose qualities are financial and strict, not aesthetic. His hatred for their unimportant cash grubbing - dry the marrow from the bone what's more, their restricted egotistical devotion Petition to shuddering supplication is set rather than his reverence for the saints of old. However they were of an alternate kind. These loyalists had cherished Ireland with an energy which devoured them, and for which no penance was excessively extraordinary. For whom the executioner's rope was spun. Be that as it may, the present materialistic age has a bad situation for such men of mental fortitude and vision. Their age is past. It's With O'Leary in the grave. Generosity and enthusiasm are dead. Therefore, he excuses the Ireland of his day with ... ...Dazzle Man took the bread' were 'Heart puzzles' - that is, having their beginnings in human feelings, he yielded the man to the craftsman: 'Players and painted stage took all my adoration, Also, not those things that they were images of". The delight of creation progressively consumed him, not the living of life. Character secluded by a deed To engage the present and rule memory. These pictures were 'wonderful' - under the Ringmaster's control. Furthermore, they 'developed in unadulterated brain' - progressively they were the result of his insight, not his feelings. Be that as it may, presently they have gone - they've abandoned him, or maybe he has abandoned them, seeing them in the entirety of their phony. So he is left with no alternative however to come back to what he has kept away from - the universe of believing, of feeling. His stepping stool out of that tangled universe of human feeling, has gone. He's left at the base of the stepping stool, with his feet on the ground. He utilizes the amazing similitude of litter - 'old pots, old bones, old clothes' to recommend the grotesqueness of human inclination. Be that as it may, he should defy the truth of life and living finally - he should come back to the wellspring of all workmanship, the universe of human feeling 'The foul cloth and boneshop of the heart'.

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Teamwork And Team Effectiveness Samples †

Question: Talk About the Teamwork And Team Effectiveness Connecting It With Effective Communication, A Critical Analysis Of Ethics In Communication Which Can Be Linked With Team Effectiveness Is Also Provided. Answer: Presentation A group is made to achieve objectives by utilizing the assets accessible ideally. Every individual from a group must contribute towards the achievement of the group. Eye to eye correspondence ought to be utilized to deal with issues inside a group and an open correspondence model ought to be received inside a group (Galegher, Kraut and Egido 2014).Direct and open correspondence ought to be supported inside individuals from a group. Groups which score high on general mental capacity (GMA), pleasantness, good faith, extraversion and passionate dependability for the most part exhibit high group execution dependent on rating by chiefs (Crawford and Lepine 2013). The correspondence styles and quality of correspondence inside the individuals from a group are regularly the key pointers for fruitful joint effort among colleagues which lead to superior groups (Daspit et al. 2013). For a few, cooperation is a charming encounter while for other people, collaboration can be an unpleasant encount er and they like to perform independently. The qualities that are required by a person to be a successful cooperative person are unwavering quality, capacity to impart productively and adequately, listening aptitudes, capacity to share data, information and experience transparently and eagerly, capacity to co-work to achieve shared objectives, capacity to grasp changes and be adaptable, critical thinking aptitudes, capacity to treat all other colleagues in a conscious way, capacity to work as a functioning member. In this paper, the writing on collaboration and group viability is evaluated. The job of successful correspondence on group viability is broke down. Moral correspondence is additionally connected with group viability. For the most part, the high-performing groups submit to moral standards in their arrangements, practices and correspondence style. Cooperation, Team Effectiveness, Team Performance In the year 1977, Rubin Plovnic and Fry recommended a model for group adequacy. This model is otherwise called GRPI model. As indicated by this model, a group requires four sections which are Goals, Roles, Processes and Interpersonal connections so as to be powerful. Objectives will be destinations that are very much characterized and needs and desires ought to be plainly conveyed to individuals from a group during the procedure of objective setting. The jobs are duties of the colleagues which are very much characterized. The dynamic procedures just as the procedure of work ought to include clearness inside a group. Relational connections inside colleagues should encourage trust, adaptability and great correspondence (Belbin 2012).The creators Douglas Smith and Jon Katzenbach revealed a model for group adequacy subsequent to considering the provokes identified with work looked by changed groups of different organizations over the globe . The model is as a triangle and aggregate work items, self-improvement and execution results are the significant expectations of a group and they structure the three purposes of a triangle. Responsibility, abilities and responsibility are the variables which are of central significance so as to accomplish the group expectations to make the group successful. In the year 1995, Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinge built up the T7 model of group adequacy. The five inside variables which are liable for the viability of a group as per the T7 group adequacy model are trust, ability, task aptitudes, group aptitudes, push and joining aptitudes. The outside variables which are liable for the adequacy of a group are the group chief fit and the help the group gets from an association. The creators Carl Larson and Frank LaFasto considered 600 groups in associations over the globe and proposed the La Fasto and Carl Larson model for group viability. This model was proposed in the year 2001 and is known as the Five Dynamics of Team Work and Col laboration. As indicated by this model, choosing the correct individual is the initial move towards viability of a group; the connections shared by the individuals from a group decide the adequacy of a group. In this model it is proposed that acceptable connections among colleagues contribute towards the critical thinking capacity of a group which is identified with the viability of the group (West2012).The model likewise recommends that group administration and authoritative condition contribute significantly towards the adequacy of a group (Wang, Waldman and Zhang 2014). In the year 2002, J. Richard Hackman proposed a model for adequacy of a group. As indicated by this model, powerful groups have a limit that depicts who is a piece of the group and follow a convincing course with clear and testing objectives. This model calls attention to that the structure of a successful group should improve cooperation and a group ought to have hierarchical help and master training so as to be compelling. Working in a group improves the limit of critical thinking and permits the progression of imaginative thoughts inside a group (Maxwell 2013). Correspondence and Team Effectiveness A key part of collaboration and group viability is correspondence. A legitimate correspondence model and system must be embraced by associations to make profoundly successful groups. The three measurements of correspondence that influence the presentation of a group are vitality, commitment and investigation. The vitality measurements of correspondence decides nature of correspondence and the measure of correspondence that is encouraged among colleagues. For example, electronic method of correspondence like messages and instant messages have less effect on group execution while eye to eye interchanges support higher vitality among colleagues and influence the exhibition of a group. Another measurements of correspondence which has sway on collaboration and execution of a group are commitment. The groups which exhibit fractional commitment among colleagues don't contribute towards high hierarchical execution. High commitment and superior inside a group can be cultivated by high and equ ivalent vitality among colleagues bringing about great attachment and commitment among colleagues (DeOrtentiis et al. 2013).Exploration is additionally the third measurements of correspondence which decides elite of a group. The majority of the worldwide associations embrace an open correspondence model and a culture of development and inventiveness. The investigation measurements for correspondence is profoundly fundamental for such imaginative associations. Investigation measurements of correspondence reflect how the individuals from a group speak with the outer condition like groups, organizations and industry of the outside condition. This outer correspondence level additionally positively affects the adequacy of a group. The high performing groups and groups with a higher group viability by and large exhibit attributes of successful correspondence like the discussions and signals among colleagues are fiery with more up close and personal discussions and individuals arrange amon g each other and not just with the group chief. Colleagues with high adequacy of group for the most part take occasional breaks and investigate the outside world to gather, accumulate and examine data from the outer condition (Maxwell 2013).This data from outer sources is essential for collaboration since data from full scale condition can give important information identified with rivalry, market and clients. It has been discovered that mingling can generously improve the relational correspondence among colleagues. High-performing group additionally exhibits successful listening aptitudes and capacity to impart viably both verbally and non-verbally utilizing signals. A high performing group with a powerful correspondence model among colleagues gets support from group pioneers and the association which is recommended in the models of group viability. Groups which follow an open correspondence model are commonly upheld by change group pioneers who permit independence and adaptability among colleagues. Associations that build up a powerful correspondence technique among groups likewise put resources into preparing the colleagues on viable correspondence methodology (Boies, Fiset and Gill 2015). It has been discovered that in dynamic groups, correspondence assumes an imperative job while by and large groups, the writing gives little proof in association among correspondence and group execution. By and large groups, group execution can be connected with demography and group size (Joshi and Knight 2015). It has been discovered that groups managing complex errands that require more significant level of data and intellectual dynamic is influenced by level of correspondence among colleagues. Collaboration, Communication and Ethics Correspondence and morals can likewise be connected and a moral correspondence among colleagues by and large contributes towards high-performing group. The viability of a group increments when directors and pioneers sort out workshops for colleagues which center around hard working attitudes. These workshops make colleagues mindful about the morals which are in arrangement with the vision, crucial key objectives of an association therefore expanding the presentation of the group. Measures ought to be set by an association and these guidelines for worthy conduct ought to be obviously conveyed to colleagues to upgrade group adequacy. The moral practices that individuals from a successful group for the most part hold fast to are being dependable, being capable, working with a hopeful disposition, regarding and teaming up with colleagues and speaking with moral qualities (Gonzlez-Rom and Hernndez 2014). Moral conduct among colleagues ought to be driven by qualities and colleagues of high-performing groups adhere to a code of good guidelines that empower them to recognize ri

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Poker, Mountains, and Magic

Poker, Mountains, and Magic Upon opening my closet this morning brightly lit with glorious sunshine streaming through the frosted window I was greeted with a beautiful, inspirational maxim: Nearby were posted similar words of wisdom. Clearly, I’m not a fan of trite platitudes. I got a collection of Demotivators for Christmas from someone who knows me far too well, and just finished redecorating my dorm room to constantly remind me of my insignificance whenever I might be at risk of feeling too hopeful. After all, “If a pretty poster and a cute saying are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job. The kind robots will be doing soon.” I hope to blog more about my room and the renovations it underwent (undergoed? undergoned? underleft?) over IAP, but in the meantime I’ll recap my January and preview my spring semester. Last week I just finished 6.176, Pokerbots Competition, which was my only IAP course, aside from a Broomball class I dropped before ever attending. In Pokerbots, I worked with Jeff ‘18 and Casey ‘18 to build a computer program that plays poker (triplicate sit-n-go pot-limit Texas Hold’em, in case you were wondering) against other teams’ bots. We had biweekly lectures about poker theory, including a guest lecture from two-time World Series of Poker Champion Bill Chen, with application to computer science. Unlike Tic-Tac-Toe or Chess, poker is a game of incomplete information, which means that it’s impossible even for computers to determine what the best move is in any given scenario, since the “best move” depends on what cards your opponent is holding. Playing poker with a robot is like trying to play chess without knowing where your opponent’s pieces are. This made the game rather interesting, since we had to tell our bot to guess at what cards the other bots held based on how aggressively they were betting (updating probability distributions of possible card combinations, in case you were wondering). Also interesting was the team dynamic, which, in typical MIT fashion, involved us procrastinating for 27 days before devolving into over-caffeinated insomniatic hackathon mode during which we coded most of the bot in the last 24 hours. If there’s one thing that MIT has taught me, it’s a haunting, incessant awareness of exactly how far away all of my deadlines are. Appropriately and affectionately, we named our program “struggleBot” and submitted it to the final tournament, the results of which will be released at an event next week. There are over $30,000 in prizes on the line, courtesy of trading companies interested in such things, so the stakes are surprisingly high. In reality, the closest my team will ever get to a cash prize is the 27 days we spent fantasizing about how we’d spend our respective $10,000 payoffs, but at least we get to sit in the same room as the real winners and eat free pizza. Almost immediately after submitting struggleBot, I left on a weekend vacation to New Hampshire with the freshmen of Conner 3. We journey deep into the Misty White Mountains to an alpine skiing resort and spend two days alternating between wiping out and laughing at ourselves. But whether we were in the chair lift or falling out of it, the mountains were a beautiful view and a much-needed refresh before returning to campus to start the semester’s grind again. Speaking of semester, I’ve decided to go out on an academic limb and take 5 classes. 8.02 (Electricity and Magnetism) and 6.01 (Intro to Computer Science) are obvious choices, as is 18.06 (Linear Algebra). My other two are far more interesting and slightly less technical: 21W.789 (Communicating with Mobile Technology) and MAS.S66 (Magic as Interface, Technology, and Tradition). 21W.789 is technically a humanities class, but its only project is to build a mobile app. Lectures are co-taught by Frank Bentley, who commutes from his job at Yahoo in San Francisco every Tuesday just to talk to us, and Ed Barrett, who started teaching this class ten years ago, when it was the first mobile app class in the nation. The course is able to slide by as a humanities because the focus is design process and usability, not coding. Designing mobile apps can be surprisingly artistic! MAS.S66 hasn’t had its first lecture yet, but I’m irrepressably excited for it. As you may have noticed from my previous paragraph, I’m passionate about user interface design and theory. So when I received energetic announcements from multiple sources about a new Media Lab seminar about magic and its application to technology, I was quickly sold. I’ll let you appreciate its course description for yourself: With a focus on the creation of functional prototypes and practicing real magical crafts, this class combines theatrical illusion, game design, sleight of hand, machine learning, camouflage, and neuroscience to explore how ideas from ancient magic and modern stage illusion can inform cutting edge technology. Students will learn techniques to improve the presentation, display, and interface of their projects as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural traditions that shape user expectations of technology. Topics will include: Stage Illusion as Information Display   The Neuroscience of Misdirection Magical Warfare: Camouflage and Deception Magic Items and the Internet of Things   Computational Demonology Ritual Magick as User Experience Design Guest lecturers and representatives of Member companies will contribute to select project critiques. Requires regular reading, discussion, practicing magic tricks, design exercises, a midterm project and final project. Yes, my class requires practicing magic tricks. Also, a quick perusal of the 906 Google results for “Computational Demonology” (907 once I publish this post (so meta!)) indicates that, yes, we are the only university to offer this topic (in case you were wondering). Anyways, I’ve got 8.02 homework calling me already, with a pile of interviews and field observations for 21W.789 due next week, and I can already feel the pressure building. It’s good to be back.

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The 21 March 1960 Sharpeville Massacre

On 21 March 1960 at least 180 black Africans were injured (there are claims of as many as 300) and 69 killed when South African police opened fire on approximately 300 demonstrators, who were protesting against the pass laws, at the township of Sharpeville, near Vereeniging in the Transvaal. In similar demonstrations at the police station in Vanderbijlpark, another person was shot. Later that day at Langa, a township outside Cape Town, police baton charged and fired tear gas at the gathered protesters, shooting three and injuring several others. The Sharpeville Massacre, as the event has become known, signaled the start of armed resistance in South Africa, and prompted worldwide condemnation of South Africas Apartheid policies. Build-up to the Massacre On 13 May 1902 the treaty which ended the Anglo-Boer War was signed at Vereeniging; it signified a new era of cooperation between English and Afrikaner living in Southern Africa. By 1910, the two Afrikaner states of Orange River Colony (Oranje Vrij Staat) and Transvaal (Zuid Afrikaansche Republick) were joined with Cape Colony and Natal as the Union of South Africa. The repression of black Africans became entrenched in the constitution of the new union (although perhaps not intentionally) and the foundations of Grand Apartheid were laid. After the Second World War the Herstigte (Reformed or Pure) National Party (HNP) came into power (by a slender majority, created through a coalition with the otherwise insignificant Afrikaner Party) in 1948. Its members had been disaffected from the previous government, the United Party, in 1933, and had smarted at the governments accord with Britain during the war. Within a year the Mixed Marriages Act was instituted – the first of many segregationist laws devised to separate privileged white South Africans from the black African masses. By 1958, with the election of Hendrik Verwoerd, (white) South Africa was completely entrenched in the philosophy of Apartheid. There was opposition to the governments policies. The African National Congress  (ANC) was working within the law against all forms of racial discrimination in South Africa. In 1956 had committed itself to a South Africa which belongs to all. A peaceful demonstration in June that same year, at which the ANC (and other anti-Apartheid groups) approved the Freedom Charter, led to the arrest of 156 anti-Apartheid leaders and the Treason Trial which lasted until 1961. By the late 1950s, some of ANCs members had become disillusioned with the peaceful response. Known as Africanists this select group was opposed to a multi-racial future for South Africa. The Africanists followed a philosophy that a racially assertive sense of nationalism was needed to mobilize the masses, and they advocated a strategy of mass action (boycotts, strikes, civil disobedience and non-cooperation). The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) was formed in April 1959, with Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe as president. The PAC and ANC did not agree on policy, and it seemed unlikely in 1959 that they would co-operate in any manner. The ANC planned a campaign of demonstration against the pass laws to start at the beginning of April 1960. The PAC rushed ahead and announced a similar demonstration, to start ten days earlier, effectively hijacking the ANC campaign. The PAC called for African males in every city and village... to leave their passes at home, join demonstrations and, if arrested, [to] offer no bail, no defence, [and] no fine.1 On 16 March 1960, Sobukwe wrote to the commissioner of police, Major General Rademeyer, stating that the PAC would be holding a five-day, non-violent, disciplined, and sustained protest campaign against pass laws, starting on 21 March. At a press conference on 18 March, he further stated: I have appealed to the African people to make sure that this campaign is conducted in a spirit of absolute non-violence, and I am quite certain they will heed my call. If the other side so desires, we will provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate to the world how brutal they can be. The PAC leadership was hopeful of some kind of physical response. References: 1. Africa since 1935 Vol VIII of the UNESCO General History of Africa, editor Ali Mazrui, published by James Currey, 1999, p259-60.    Next page Part 2: The Massacre Page 1, 2, 3

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The Integrative Intervention Model Of Child Based Play

â€Å"Many traditional family therapists often exclude small children from the therapeutic process† (Wehrman Field, 2013). Although therapists may feel as though conducting a session with children present can be challenging, it is strongly encouraged to do so. The integrative intervention model of child-based play is an effective method in which therapists should use when treating families. Recent research concludes that the â€Å"integration of children and families involved in counseling will benefit the family when all family members are present† (Wehrman Field, 2013). Results of this method of therapy provide therapeutic change for families in their communication and relationships. Examples of play-based activities that can be used in†¦show more content†¦As a result of these behaviors, sessions may be unproductive. Child and parental involvement in counseling produce positive family dynamics and increase the communication skills within families. The â €Å"current movement in the counseling profession is to combine family counseling and play therapy so that all members of the family benefit from creative, therapeutic interventions† (Wehrman Field, 2013). Creativity allows the family to be engaged with one another. As stated previously, there are several play-based activities counselors can use in family therapy. Puppets and dolls symbolize a family member’s reality or fantasy in which they act out scenes that portray what they are feeling. Expressive art is used to create pictures illustrating the perspectives individual family member. The integrated model provides many advantages for children. Play-based activities encourage children to work through their thoughts and feelings. Children are more likely to participate in the process when given toys rather than sitting on the couch. Another advantage is that it â€Å"offers the child a powerful way of mastering his or her world and is crucial to cognitive developmen t, personality formation, and social adaptation† (Wehrman Field 2013). Play itself is important in child development. With the addition of play in therapy, children will be able to lean and develop even more. Counselors can apply there skills while interacting with children.Show MoreRelatedChild Maltreatment And Its Effects On Children With Disabilities981 Words   |  4 PagesChild Maltreatment Child maltreatment is implicated as a risk factor in many disorders, ranging from externalizing such as conduct disorder to internalizing such as anxiety or depression. In the text, they propose a question as to the timing of abuse. Does the abuse come as a reaction of the parents because the child is difficult to manage? Or does difficult behavior such result from the abuse? Research has shown that children that may be harder to manage such as disabilities are at higher riskRead MoreGroup Counseling in Schools: Annotated Bibliography Essay1046 Words   |  5 Pageseffect school aged children. He also suggest some appropriate topics to offer group counseling on such as a divorce group, a drug and alcohol abuse group, or a physical abuse group. The article goes on to explain several different types of group intervention such as educational guidance groups, counseling groups, and therapy groups. Five different stages of groups; forming stage, storming stage, norming stage, and the p erforming stage are broken down into 4 subset stages for clearer explanation. AfterRead MoreEvaluation Of A Speech Language Pathologist ( Slp )1397 Words   |  6 PagesLastly, it is likely that a child diagnosed with 22q11.2 DS will experience health issues. This may effect their alertness and participation in the classroom due to their fragile health (McDonald et al., 2013). Overall, there is a wide range of academic challenges a child with this syndrome may experience that will require support in the classroom to promote effective learning. A speech-language pathologist (SLP) may face many challenges while working with a student with 22q11.2 DS. These include:Read MoreSociological Perspectives On Sexual Activity1544 Words   |  7 PagesBronfenbreener’s ecological perspective theory posits that a child’s development is formed through interconnected influences with their environment based on a layered system. These systems include: microsystem (direct connection to groups or institutions), mesosystem (the interconnection between microsystem components), exosystem (social settings that indirectly affect the child because of their influences on the microsystem and mesosystems) and macrosystem (culture, values and laws governing the other systems)Read MoreThe Mental Health Program For Messiah1727 Words   |  7 Pagesstressed the importance of self-care. People take on too much and eventually burnout. Balancing school, work, family, household responsibilities, and other various tasks can be challenging. T he Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is an evidenced based program that many agencies are instructed to tell their clients about. It allows clients to write their own wellness plan. They write a plan on what they do to stay healthy and well. They are asked to identify periods of wellness and to think backRead Moreâ€Å"It Must Be Remembered That For The Person With Severe1407 Words   |  6 Pagespeople in the United States, or about 4.1% of the population.3 In addition to the many debilitating symptoms of serious mental illness, many people also lack insight into the extent and effects of their symptoms; lack of insight is neurologically based and is often a hallmark of serious mental illness. This lack of insight coupled with the complexities of serious mental. Treated Indifferently Stigma related to mental illnesses is a great burden on societies globally. Factors associated with nursesRead MoreThe Impact of Fluency Tutor on Student Reading Scores1564 Words   |  7 PagesThe educational sector has reached a pivotal crossroads. Educational legislation and federally funded initiatives enacted by the current and previous Presidential Administrations, such as the Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind, have placed significant focus, in not only attention and scrutiny, but also in resources, on the advancement of educational attainment levels across the nation. The push for common educational standards has reinvigorated the interest of the general public in educationRead MoreStructural Family Therapy3217 Words   |  13 PagesModels of Therapy Structural Family Therapy Theory: Structural Family Therapy (SFT) has a few interventions within the theoretical model that I could see myself using with clients (families) from diverse backgrounds with diverse presenting problems. I am in agreement with the way this model looks at the different types of families and the types of issues they present with such as the patterns common to troubled families; some being enmeshed, chaotic and tightly interconnectedRead MoreCounseling Plan for a Dysfunctional Family Essay2219 Words   |  9 PagesThe Baylors â€Å" I just don’t understand why my family just can’t be normal.† This is the quote that Mallorie Baylor continuously plays in her head. Mallorie Baylor is a 16-year old African American female. She currently lives with both her parents in Perach Ridge subdivision, an upper middle class neighborhood, and is a sophomore attending Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. Joseph Baylor, 58, her father, is a prominent 15-year car salesman. He has 10-12 hour workdays and is a functioningRead MoreEssay on Organizational Development Strategy Proposal:2115 Words   |  9 PagessystemÂâ€"save oneÂâ€"has failed to meet the minimum standards required for the No Child Left Behind program. This coming year will be the final year for the public school system to meet the standards or it will lose its charter and the program will be taken over by state officials or privatized. There are four basic strategies that could be implemented  ¯ Action Research, Appreciative Inquir y, Future Search and Whole Systems Intervention. Because of the infrastructure difficulties and cultural changes that need

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The Feeling of Music Free Essays

In my listen world there are almost no classical music existence, but sometimes will still have a little. It does affect the music that I listen to now. Those classical music like a memory to me. We will write a custom essay sample on The Feeling of Music or any similar topic only for you Order Now Sometimes it will attract me to listen it; it reminds me to some historical memory, which I don’t like it at all. It will make me think the music that now I listen to are no any connotation and superficial. Even though I don’t like classical music, but somehow I will choose to listen it; because it let me have a feeling that back to the century. Classical music has a pretty big influence, because listening to classical music can decreases my tension in sometime. Even that classical music is not my preferred genre. Now, in my opinion there are a lot of difference between modern classical music and pop music. The tones of the modern classical music are still singing very slowly and the sounds can make you sleepy. Also now all the modern classical music all around us most have gone, even though there are still have some popular in this century, but most people won’t hear it because now have pop music. However, the classical get in development it still can’t compare favorably with pop music, because now is twenty-one century everyone get in fashion. Pop music is modern say music that a large amount of the population enjoys listening to. As a genre, pop music is very eclectic, often borrowing elements from other styles. It’s including urban, dance, rock, Latin and country; nonetheless, there are core elements which define pop. It is written quite recently and has almost no rules as to how it can sound. Also it’s unique and lots of improvisation. In additional, classical music does not affect my life at all. In my life only contain pop music, because I am a person that seeks vogue. I don’t allow anything affects my fashion, because in my mind classical music is a backward thing. As I mansion earlier, in my listen world there are almost no classical music existence. So, for this case classical music wont affect my life at all. How to cite The Feeling of Music, Papers

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Marketing and Management for Biotech Company- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theMarketing and Management for Biotech Company Calimmune. Answer: Introduction The report presents a brief overview of the CSL Company and it explains the mission, vision, and values of the organization. It explains the planning process and value chain strategies to gain the good position in the market. It describes that how the firm is maintaining sustainable human resource department within the organization. Further, it tells that how the leaders are influencing employees at the workplace to do work effectively. It also explains the future strategies and plans of the firm to gain long-term success and growth in near future. It also explains the significance of human resource management and leadership to ensure the efficiency and productivity of the subordinates within the organization. CSL is the global biotechnology company which deals in various biotechnology products in the market. Mainly, the firm develops, produces and researches the various biotechnology products that may help people to reduce various serious diseases. The company is growing and flourishing its business day by day. The company is dealing in various products include blood plasma derivatives, vaccines, antivenom, cell culture and other medical and laboratory products. CSL is incorporated on 1916 and its headquarter is located in Melbourne, Victoria. The company is distributing its products worldwide. In this way, the company is increasing its revenue and profit (Witcomb, 2015). Background The company was founded in 1916 as commonwealth serum laboratories (CSL). Mr. Paul. Perrault is the CEO of the company. All the business operations and activities are managed and controlled by the CEO of the firm. After the various researchers, it has been analyzed that CSL is providing good quality of products to the customers with maintaining sustainability in the organization. Along with this, the organization is also focusing and monitoring on the environmental benefits by restoring natural resources, oil and water at a lower cost. There are various environmental elements which affect the growth and success of the company across the world. After various researchers, it has been evaluated that the company was part of the government since its earlier days. Therefore, CSL needs to follow various rules and regulations in the manufacturing and administration process. There are various legal factors, political and economic factors also exist in the environment that affect the business activities and operation of the firm. It seems that the company provides economic products to the people across the world. Further, social and technological factors affect the progress and development of the company in the world. Apart from CSL, Grifols and Baxter are a most important organization that holds the market share in Australia across the world. CSL is an innovative universal company which is dealing in innovative biotechnology products around the world (Collu et al, 2012). Planning and strategy Planning is an essential part of the CSL which plays a vital role in order to meet the long-term goals and objectives of the company across the world. Further, the firm is using various effective and unique strategies and policies to increase the revenue and profits of the company in the global market. The organization is adopting effective rules, code of conducts and values in the business activities and operations to gain the various advantages in the world. In addition, the company looks after about the patients safety and health by providing good quality of biotechnology products to its customers. The vision and core values of the company have been discussed below (Khromava et al, 2012). Patient focus: The Company promises to deliver good quality of products to the customers across the world. It develops various therapies which provide various benefits to the patients. It protects the health of the people. In this way, the company is trying to improve the quality of life of the people around the people. Integrity: The Company is always trying to do the right things for its patients, employees, shareholders, and communities. Further, the company is maintaining honesty, ethics, and transparency within the organization. It follows high standards, sustainability and best practices across the world (Gilding and Pickering, 2011). Innovation: The firm invests a huge amount to develop innovative and powerful technologies across the world. In this way, the company is able to provide good quality of products to its customers around the world. Innovative ideas also help to improve the decision making process, procedures, and system of the firm (Krtke, 2014). Collaboration: CSL maintains coordination and collaboration among the employees for providing biotechnology products to the customers in the global market. The employees are work together to meet the similar goals and objectives of the firm (Choi and Yu, 2014). Superior performance: The main aim of the CSL is to achieve the superior results in the organization. The employees, as well as managers, are giving the best performance in the company to encourage the values and standards of the firm in the global market (CSL, 2017). Further, CSL is providing various biotechnology products and services in order to meet the mission and vision of the company by utilizing the natural resources of the organization. In this way, the company is maintaining sustainability in the market across the world. In addition, CSL is using effective and unique strategies in the production process. The company uses eco-friendly packaging strategy to fulfill the requirements and expectations of the environment as well as the community. Apart from these strategies, the company uses various plans and policies to gain the success and growth in the market. It uses the holistic planning approach to determine the progress of the firm. In addition, CSL is producing innovative products to gain the long-term benefits in the market (Gilding and Pickering, 2011). The firm focuses on the health and safety of the patients and it serves the society by providing various types of biotechnology products in the market. Further, it has been noticed th at the customers buy the products of CSL when they suffer from serious disease and illness. The firm is producing the good quality of products to attract more customers across the world. In addition, the holistic innovative plans have been created by the company to provide innovative and good quality of products to its customers around the world. The organization is implementing effective values and standards to maximize the sales of the company. Therefore, entire activities and actions are implemented in management and operation process of the organization in order build and maintain sustainable progress across the world. Further, the company is using effective and excellent marketing strategies to overcome on its competitors in the global market. Now it can be said that planning process plays a vital and significant role to enhance and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization (Tseng, Lim and Wong, 2015). Human resource management Human resource management is the important part of every organization to flourish and expand its business globally. None of the organization can survive its business without HRM. The company requires efficient and dedicated team members to run the business activities smoothly in the market. Thus, CSL also maintains a sustainable human resource management to attain the mission and vision of the firm. The company recruits potential and efficient employees to resolve the various health-related problems of the patients around the world. To run the business activities globally, the company appoints skilled and qualified employees who are fit for the company. Further, various training and career development programs are conducted by the company to improve the quality and efficiency of the employees (Aggarwal, 2014). Human resource management checks and evaluates that whether the employee is fit for the work or not, whether they are giving proper information about the products or not. In this way, HR manager evaluates the performance of the employees. CSL believes to find a right and suitable candidate to do the job effectively and efficiently. The employees should take care to the organizational image and job profile in the firm. Wage and pay scheme affect the business activities and operations adversely. Therefore, the employees should receive appropriate pay from the organization. It will also help to achieve long-term goals and objectives and it will motivate the workers to improve the satisfaction level of the customers in the country. In addition, CSL is using effective communication system at the workplace to increase the productivity of the employees. The top management is liable to maintain proper communication within the organization. It will also help to provide job satisfaction and mo rale to the employees. Now it is assumed that HRM plays a crucial role in every organization in order to attain the various goals and objectives of the company. HRM is the primary and foremost part of the CSL limited company (Burns, 2012). Leadership It is the process to manage and influence other people for doing work effectively. Through leadership, the company is able to manage sustainable practices and policies within the organization. The company initiates the plans and activities are a very effective manner to inspire and motivate the other people and competitors in the global market across the world. The effective and unique leadership provides right direction to the organization which ensures the progress and development of the organization (Clarke et al, 2012). Through leadership, managers and top management can motivate and encourage employees to do work effectively and efficiently. Leaders use effective leadership styles in order to assist the employees within the organization. There are various leadership styles which include autocratic style, democratic style, strategic leadership style, transformational style, Team leadership, laizzez fair leadership style etc. CSL Company follows democratic leadership style. It is also known as the shared leadership style and participative leadership style. Through democratic leadership style, the managers give advice and suggestion to the employees in order to take an important decision in the company. It involves all the employees of the organization. All the employees maintain trust, faith and believe at the workplace in order to gain the long-term objectives and goals within the organization. It also improves the goodwill of the company and it helps to maintain good relations with the employees. Leadership is the important part of the organization to motivate and encourage subordinates to perform the task effectively and efficiently (Grne, Lockemann, Kluy and Meinhardt, 2013). Controlling the value chain and technology Innovative technologies and value chain play a vital role in every organization in order to gain long-term success and growth. Thus, the company should adopt effective value chain process to ensure the proper supply of the products in the market. The company is dealing in biotechnology products so it should supply the products on regular basis in the market. They should resolve the problems which can arise in the organization with people. The company needs to update the value chain process on regular basis in order to improve and enhance the quality of products and services in the market across the world. Further, technology also plays a significant role in CSL Company (Michelino, Lamberti, Cammarano and Caputo, 2015). The company is using latest and innovative technologies to provide various growth opportunities to people in the market. The organization uses effective and unique technologies in various types of therapies to fulfill the requirements and needs of the patients. CSL can take various benefits by controlling the value chain process in the market. It provides cost benefits by reducing and controlling the cost of individuals and value chain activities and by reconfiguring the value chain process. In addition, various latest and innovative technologies are used by the company in value chain process to gain the competitive advantages in the market across the world. Now it is assumed that value chain process and technology are interrelated with each other. The company is maintaining sustainability by controlling on value chain process and by using new technology in the market (White, Lim and Lee, 2012). Future strategies and recommendations CSL is focusing on the following strategies to maintain sustainability in the environment that have been discussed below (Strand, 2014). Pricing strategy: The Company focuses on the pricing strategy to fulfill the long-term goals and objectives of the firm. It provides a wide range of biotechnology products at reasonable prices. It focuses on the market as well as competitors products prices to overcome on the competitors in the market. Sometimes, it also offers products at a discount to attract more customers in the market. In this way, this strategy helps to increase the demand for the products in the market across the world. By using pricing strategy, the company can beat the competitors in the market (Kumru et al, 2014). Product strategy: CSL is providing a variety of biotechnology products to the customers to save the lives of the people in the world. The main of the company behind the product strategy is to reduce the illness and diseases of the people by supplying various types of biotechnology products to the customers. The biotechnology products include Antivenoms, vaccines, plasma therapies and other diagnostic products and services. The company is trying to produce more new and innovative biotechnology products in the market (Manivasagan, Venkatesan, Sivakumar, and Kim, 2013). Promotional strategy: The promotional strategy is an important strategy to expand the company business worldwide. The company should adopt effective and unique promotional strategy to overcome on the competitors in the market. Through promotional and advertisement strategies, the company can attract more customers in the global market. It helps to maintain the goodwill of the company across the world (Luning et al, 2011). Now it is recommended that the company should focus on the various marketing strategies to increase the sales and revenue of the company. Various advertisement and promotional strategies must be initiated and used by the company to encourage and increase the revenue and profits of the firm. Further, it should monitor and evaluate the labeling and packaging of the biotechnology products and services. CSL should not use the harmful drugs and medicines. The firm should use natural resources in the manufacturing process. In addition, it should diversify its products across the world to attract more customers in the market. The organization must encourage employees to do work effectively and efficiently. Along with this, it must analyze and measure the competitors plans, policies and strategies to gain various competitors benefits in the market (Gilding and Pickering, 2011). Conclusion On the above discussion, it has been concluded that CSL is a biotechnology company which is offering various biotechnology products in the market. The company is using natural resources to produce the various types of biotechnology products in the market. Further, the CSL is maintaining sustainability at the workplace. The company uses various strategies to improve the growth and success of the firm in the market. The organization provides motivation to the employees by maintaining sustainable human resource management. Apart from this, the company uses effective and unique leadership styles to advise and guide to the subordinates in a better manner. 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